Why Us?

Rich Experience

Newway has over 30 years of experience since it started as a proprietary business in 1987. We have successfully completed thousands of residential and commercial projects, and our track records are testimonial to our professional work ethics and customer-first approach.

Capitalising on our extensive experiences, we have also expanded our capabilities into critical business environments and was involved in the successful installation of hundreds of computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units for numerous multinational and government organisations in recent years.

Technical Competence

Our unique competence in various technologies enables us to deliver integrated, scalable and robust solutions, while optimising cost and performance. Newway is committed to providing high quality services for our customers through productivity and innovation.

Our broad knowledge base enables us to speak a common language with our customers, and also understand their specific needs as well. We seek to establish an authentic relationship with each and every customer, building on trust and professionalism.

Superior Quality

Our team of technical specialists are well trained and vastly experienced to handle a wide spectrum of air conditioning services. Newway uses only the best tools and materials from leading suppliers, which are all tested and certified by relevant authorities.

Our standard practices are developed in accordance to state laws and regulations. Newway is a BCA registered contractor, and also an active member of the Singapore Contractors Association. Our processes go through annual audits to ensure consistency in good management practices and work safety standards.

Competitive Pricing

Our management conducts market research on a regular basis to ensure our pricing policies remain relevant and competitive for our customers. We consider all feedbacks from our stakeholders and evaluate our value chain constantly to create meaningful propositions for our customers. Newway believes in creating value for our customers through honest, reliable and affordable services.

Customer Focused Approach

Newway is a customer-centric organisation. We aspire to understand and help our customers achieve their objectives. We strive to understand what truly matters to you, and tailor our solutions to extract the best value for you. This will always be our priority, our commitment and our promise to all customers.